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Author's Cat Archives

Mr. Snooks is my office cat helpmate. He loves to assist me as I sit at my computer by swishing his furry tail on my screen, patting the keys as I type, or sitting on my desk obstructing my view.

I, therefore, decided to put him to work, as he used to write a small newspaper column under the title, “Letters to Mr. Snooks,” where he answered questions from pets. Now he writes this blog updating my friends about my favorite activities and adventures—just to keep in touch. Some of the information, I give him, and some he discovers by sleuthing, which I might add, he is very good at. I hope you will enjoy, “Mr. Snook's Blog. “

P.S. He still answers mail from his furry friends and will include some now and then, perhaps even your e-mail. You may contact Mr. Snooks through the author's contact page and she will pass on your question or message to him.

                                                             *   *   *   *   *

To begin, here are a couple of letters from my furry friends and one fish.

Dear Mr. Snooks, My beloved cat of 17 years just died. I can never, never love another pet again. --brokenhearted

Dear Brokenhearted, If my mistress had never loved again after losing her beloved white calico cat, I wouldn't be writing this blog. I was lost and she took me in and loved again. We have a wonderful friendship.  

P.S. YOU need to love again because there are so many of US out there who need your love.

                                                             *    *    *    *    *

Dear Mr. Snooks, My mistress just got married. Guess who's sleeping in her bed instead of me? --Sleepless in Corona

Dear Sleepless, Oops! I get the picture. Ask your mistress to give you some of her old clothes, a sweater or T-shirt to sleep on. It will have her scent on it and you will feel that she's close to you again. Affectionately rub on the new guy's trouser legs. If you are a black cat, wait until he has on white or light colored trousers.  If you are a white or a light colored cat, wait for dark trousers. And purr loudly, as if you adore him. I have a few other tricks, but that's enough.

P.S. Try to like the new guy. A terrier friend of mine sneaked back in bed and nipped the guy on the rump--I'm not suggesting that, of course.