Edna M. Gallington, author
Watching From the Shadows   Through eyes of passion 24 women tell their stories  


I huddled on the gravel, arms burning from the fall, I saw a blur of angry faces closing in around me. Arguing, piercing voices shouted. Sinewy fingers clutched rocks. Those hands not too long before had stroked my olive skin, tousled my ebony hair--and laughingly gained my confidence.


I heard a knock at the door. I knew it must be "them." Two men not of my city, strong and good looking, stood there. "Come in," I cooed. Urgency in their voices wiped out the smile in my inviting eyes. "Can you hide us?" My breath caught. Spies!


Welcome home, my love. I've always loved you. I've always searched for you. His voice reflected no condemnation, no mention of my past. I took his hands in mine. "Teach me," I pleaded, "how to love. Teach me how to forgive. Teach me about your God."


Let these and 21 other women tell you their stories, stories with outcomes beyond their most wonderful imaginations. An adventure book, a romance, a bedside companion, as women we yearn for all of these.

A Peek at some of the chapter titles.

Bathsheba, The Desired                                                          

Lot's Wife, The Lingering One                                              

Leah, The Rejected                                                                        

Rachel, The Betrayed                                                            

Delilah, The Betrayer                                                             

Deborah, Brave and Strong                                                     

Rahab, The Curious                                                               

Abigail, The Gracious Woman                                                

Esther, The Beautiful Queen                                                   

Ruth, Beloved Poet                                                                         

Gomer, The Reluctant Wife                                                   

Mary, Sitting at His Feet                                                         

Martha, The Organizer                                                           

Pilate's Wife, The Silent Observer                                         

Mary, The Mother of Jesus