Edna M. Gallington, author
Watching From the Shadows   Through eyes of passion 24 women tell their stories  


Adventures in the Land of Ketra

Watching From the Shadows

Through eyes of passion, 24 biblical women tell their intriguing stories.

by Edna M. Gallington

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The author gives you a fascinating glimpse into the lives and emotions of the women portrayed in this book. She is a weaver of poignant stories that jump off the page and make you crave a deeper experience with the storyteller. She has the ability to open the hearts of these women, sit with them, as it were, and share their innermost thoughts. They cry out to you to engage them and allow your feelings to be lifted to the heights of literary emotion.  In a word, it is as if the author could share their lives, their secret feelings, and their dreams.

* Dramatic stories that will lead your heart on new adventures.

* Cherished stories you will return to for strength and inspiration.

* Beautiful portraits with captivating eyes.

* Inspiring, uplifting and extremely entertaining.