Edna M. Gallington, author
Watching From the Shadows   Through eyes of passion 24 women tell their stories  


What Others Are Saying About
Watching From the Shadows

Fantastic! Perfect match of art and stories. You've really showed that women are special in God's eyes. Couldn't put the book down till I'd read it all. --Susan, Palm City, Florida

I "inhaled" the book in one sitting!  It is inspirational, poignant and tender, gentle and compassionate, and so very, very much like you.... I will be looking forward to reading it again and again. And the artwork is so beautiful. The artist was able to capture such emotion and feeling. --Louise, Washington

I just finished your book tonight. It is such a perfect marrying of exquisite pictures and text, I was blown away by it. --Betty, Glendale, Calif.

This is the first time I've heard the story of Gomer told as a tender love story.  --Mary, San Bernardino, Calif.

The stories are short enough for busy people, yet beautifully and exquisitely descriptive! You did a fantastic job matching the artwork to the stories.--Marilyn, San Diego, Calif.   

I read it through last night. I couldn't stop reading until I finished the stories. I want nine more for gifts. --Fran, Alta Loma, Calif.

Bravo! Excellent book! I'm enjoying the book so much.
You've done a wonderful job. --Art, Riverside, Calif.

Edna, What an artist you are! Painting word pictures one after another in jewel tones, savoring each detail of the character's experiences, leaving the reader drenched in your compassionate perceptions. The portraits are a perfect match for your words. The experience continues when the story ends. This reader desired for the stories and images to continue on and on. --Joan, Hemet, Calif.

Edna I didn't know you could write like that! Fantastic! You've kept your talent hidden.-- Steve, Texas, The president of an organization where I worked years ago in public relations.

I just finished the book. I devoured it. It is amazing.--Kathleen, Home Gardens, Calif.

I am absolutely thrilled with your new book! I curled up with it and could hardly put it down. --Nancy, an author living in Clovis, Calif.